About Us

Our Mission

As a premier, government supported human resources development institute, NICM is committed to offering various stakeholders a highquality, affordable management education and training which will enable them to attain their institutional, career and other personal development goals.

The NICM provides a quality training and learning environment, and makes every effort to provide opportunities for professionalisation of human resources of cooperative institutions and other government departments.

Our Vision

NICM will be recognized as an Innovative and significant cooperative human resource development institution and will :

  • Encourage and support cooperative organizations, government departments and individuals to meet their learning needs.
  • Serve as resource centre for professionalisation of cooperative movement and community enrichment

Our Value

We are committed to honouring, respecting and caring for the worth of one another by being professional, fair, honest and communicative. The development of our teaching and learning environment is a responsibility we share.

Our Goals

Develop partnership with cooperative, allied sectors, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
Provide customized training and consulting services to enhance economic development by assisting the stakeholders in developing their human resources.