Dr. M. Parameswaran

Dr.M.Parameswaran is a Post Graduate in Commerce and Management. He holds M.Phil in Commerce and Ph.D in Management. He has completed the Faculty Development Programme in Management at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He is a Certified Trainer for Financial Cooperatives certified by the Centre for Professional Excellence in Cooperatives (C-PEC) BIRD Lucknow

He has more than 23 years experience in Teaching, Training and Administration. He has worked in various places such as Chennai, Kalyani (West Bengal) and NCCT Head Quarters, New Delhi. During the period he has served as Faculty Member, Vice Principal, Director for MBA and Deputy Director for Policy and International Collabration, Training Programme and Administration etc. He has coordinated different types of Training Programmes, National Level Seminars and Conferences. Workshops and Colloquium. He contributed articles and research papers in various Journals

His Teaching and Training mainly focused on Accounting, Financial Management, Costing, Banking and Cooperation.