Programme Director or CC

DirectorWelcome to the NICM website. NICM serves since 1954. We are located between the 12th and 13th Main Road at IV Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600 040. Trainees and students here are offered an extensive number of high quality, affordable management education and training which will enable them to attain their institutional, career and other personal development goals.

NICM is a wonderful place to teach and learn. The collaborative effort among all the constituents is critical to our advancement.

Developing our youth is a team effort. Our faculty and staff earnestly develop our students qualities of scholarship, character, citizenship, and service for at least 35 hours per week. It is terrific that the families of our youngsters continue this development the remaining 133 hours. We are so grateful to the families for maintaining a similar focus, sending a consistent message to our youth.

As you browse the pages of this website, you will notice the wealth of opportunities offered to our students and trainees. I encourage our participants to take advantage of the possibilities and become involved in the extracurricular activities that interest them. When students become involved in sports, music, drama, and institute sponsored clubs, scholastic achievement often improves.

On behalf of the entire NICM faculty and staff, thank you for supporting our institution. We hope you enjoy our webpage and the information it provides. Please feel free to contact us with other information if you wish.


  1. Life Time Education Achievement Award-2009 Dated 20/09/2010, New Delhi
  2. National Gold Star Award-2009 with medal – Dated 05/12/2010, New Delhi
  3. International Intellectual Achievement Award- for Education Excellence Dated 30/12/2010, Bangkok, Thailand
  4. Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award – Dated 27/04/2011, New Delhi
  5. Bharat Vibhushan Ratan Award-2010 – Dated 16/05/2011, New Delhi
  6. International Intellectual Development Award Dated 20/05/2011, Bangkok Thailand