Extraordinary Works of NICM Research and Consultancy Wing

The Natesan Institute of Cooperative Management, Chennai is through its Research and Consultancy Wing over the years have undertaken various Research Projects and completed. The Project Team of Research and Consultancy is headed by the Director Dr.P.Jagannathan and includes Dr.R.Gopalsamy Deputy Director, I.Venkatesh Faculty Member and Raja Balachandran, Faculty Member. The institute also takes the services of external consultant as and when required.


Research and Consultancy conducted by the Institute

  • Conducted Impact study for ICDP project for Cuddalore District for NCDC.
  • Prepared a Project on Low cost housing scheme for the Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project.
  • Conducted a study on the NCDC sponsored rural consumer scheme in selected districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • Prepared a Project Report on Branch wise P&L account for cooperative banks for NABARD through Pondicherry State Cooperative bank
  • Conducted a study on the viability of Women Cooperative Societies and Food Weaning Societies for the Directorate of Social Welfare, TN
  • Prepared a Manual on Management Accounting System for Consumer Cooperatives for RCS Andaman & Nicobar
  • NCDC Sponsored ICDP Impact Evaluation study of Kancheepuram district
  • Preparation of Perspective Plan under State Balanced Growth Fund for Ariyalur District.
  • Study to identify the requirement of subsidy for Rural and Urban Fair Price Shops under PDS in Tamil Nadu.

Salient Features Of Nicm Research Works

  • The Research and Consultancy work is the core activity. It has been providing a major interface with the wider academic and cooperative movement.
  • The NICM believes that while academic training programmes bring visibility, quality research brings credibility to the institute.
  • The Faculty at NICM is not only specialists in their respective fields but also from diverse backgrounds and this helps the institute focus on consultancy across various functional areas of cooperatives and sectors like Credit, Marketing, Processing, Dairy, Handlooms, Fisheries and Housing.
  • As research and consultancy forms central part of our strategy we are constantly seeking to develop the scope and reputation of research.
  • All the Research works passes through various stages at District, State and National level before getting approval for implementation by the implementing agencies.
  • The institute also utilises HDCM and MBA students as Research Associate to assist and work along with faculty in the varied functional areas of management this in turn helps the student community of both the streams to know about cooperatives.
  • The involvement of MBA students in research works motivates and inspires them to be part of the cooperative movement by entering into cooperatives.
  • The institute also encourages for quality research work as well as to participate and share their output in their training programmes as well as with beneficiary organisations for their development.
  • The NICM also promotes collaborative research jointly with other ICMs at the state level and National Institute like VAMNICOM.
  • The Director and Deputy Director are in the panel of various universities in the country for Viva Voce and as an External Examiner for evaluation of M.Phil & PhD Thesis.

Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP)

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Impact Of Icdp And Iddp On Cooperatives

  • Overall development of selected districts through cooperative efforts in agriculture and allied sectors like fishery, poultry, dairy, handloom etc.
  • It aims at the development of horizontal and vertical functional linkage between cooperatives to promote overall development.
  • Recommended to Increase Working Capital of the cooperative institutions.
  • Aimed at improving the Infrastructure facilities of cooperatives at the grass root level.
  • The NICM takes care of the Human Resource Development of various assisted cooperatives through conduct of cooperative training under ICDP.

Research & Consultancy Works – Benefits to the Institute

  • The Institute receives consultancy fee for undertaking research study from Rs.1.00 Lakhs to Rs.5.00 lakhs depending on the depth of the study.
  • The institute optimally utilise the resources in the conduct of any research study.
  • The faculty members are able to gain firsthand knowledge of the organisation and its functioning.
  • During the course of research study various data were collected for the purpose of study and analysis, which helps the institute to maintain Data Bank about Cooperatives in the State.

Other Consultancy Works

  • Revision of Syllabus and Preparation of Question Bank covering five Subjects for the Cooperative Departmental Exam of the State Public Service Commission (TNPSC).
  • Organising and Conducting Recruitment test for the selection of various positions in the cooperative institutions.
  • Revision of syllabus for the Junior Training Centre (ICMs) of State cooperative Union for the Diploma Programme in Cooperative Management.


It is to conclude that NICM is completing the assigned works timely and successfully with the limited available manpower with less cost. The user organisation is completely satisfied with quality of the research, besides user organisation are coming forward to award impact study, evaluation study etc. The special feature of NICM is that in addition to the heavy schedule of training programme research and consultancy work is also done effectively. The research team is contributing extraordinary works even during weekends and holidays.