Dr. M. Parameswaran

Dr.M.Parameswaran is a Post Graduate in Commerce and Management. He holds M.Phil in Commerce and Ph.D in Management. He has completed the Faculty Development Programme in Management at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He is a Certified Trainer for Financial Cooperatives certified by the Centre for Professional Excellence in Cooperatives (C-PEC) BIRD Lucknow He has Dr. M. Parameswaran


Articles: Governance in Financial Market- Challenges and Prospects, National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Applications and Management, ISBN 978-93-81208-04-5, Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, Chennai, February 2012. Emerging Dynamics in Microfinance: An Economic Perspective, Cooperative Perspective issue, Vol.46 (No.3&4), ISSN No: 0302-7767, Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management, Pune, Oct – Mar 12. Dr.U.Homiga

G. Jeyanthi

Articles: Jeyanthi, G. “Entrepreneurship in a Declining Cottage Industry: a Case study of Dindigul Lock Industries in TamilNadu”, Sedme, Vol. (31), No: 2, June 2004. Jeyanthi, G “12th Finance Commission – An Appraisal”, Penninsular Economist, Association of Economist of Tamil Nadu, January 2006.

Dr. M. Raman

Books:  Raman, M and Sarangi, Mrutyunjay, 2003. Cooperative Values in Consumer Stores – An Assessment of Management, performance and impact of Consumer Cooperatives in TamilNadu, New Century Book House, Private Ltd, Chennai. Raman, M and Sarangi, Mrutyunjay, and Nakiran, S. 2005. Management of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and Their Impact on Rural Life in Tamil Nadu, New Century Dr. M. Raman

Dr. R. Ganesan

Publications: ‘Management Accounting System in Consumer Cooperatives’, Environment and Experience of Tamilnadu, The Maharastra Cooperative Quarterly, April-June 1996. ‘Effectiveness of Accounting Information System in Cooperatives’, Tamilnadu Journal of Cooperation, June 1996. ‘Consumer Business of LAMPS in Tribal Areas’, Tamilnadu Journal of Cooperation, Oct. 1996. ‘Cooperative Celebrations – A Rural Thrust’, The Maharastra Cooperative Quarterly, January- Dr. R. Ganesan



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